Meet The Team

Sotek Engineering was set up in 2017 by Steve Brown and Oliver Cumbers. Their aim is to establish an engineering company that provides high quality subcontract machining, design, reverse engineering and break fix solutions. They have found that their combined skills and experience enable them to fulfil more technicallydemanding jobs, which other companies have had to decline the client.

Steve Brown

Steve began his career as an electro-mechanical maintenance apprentice at a food manufacturing facility in Devon where he had the opportunity to work with and learn how to operate a large range of equipment. This position has given him a good grounding in the basic electrical and mechanical principles.

Steve then went on to work for a company that manufactured tooling for the oil industry first as a toolmaker then soon progressing to design engineer. The experience on the shop floor and design department provided the opportunity to learn machining, the importance of production planning, accurate drafting techniques, product design, continuous improvement and project management.
These responsibilities allowed Steve to gain a deep understanding of budgets and time-management and their importance, both of which our key to Sotek Engineering’s success.

Steve then moved to another oil and gas company based in the U.A.E where he held the position of field specialist. He was given projects to manage which were spread across the globe. This gave him advanced communication skills in working with individuals from different cultures and languages which have benefittedSotekwith great communication with their customers and suppliers.

Oliver Cumbers

Oliver began his career as a production engineering apprentice for a well-established medical/surgical equipment manufacturer. The core principles of this role were invaluable as Oliver was taught to view every aspect of a component as a challenge to reduce cost withoutcompromising quality.

Later Oliver went to work in the marine industry, machining bespoke one off components such as propeller shafts. This taught him the value of getting things right the first time through effective planning and execution.

Oliver acquired the role of Section Leader at a subcontract manufacturer. The change from having to ask questions to having to answer them provided new challenges on a daily basis.

However, moving to Aberdeen to begin a career in the oil industry as a CNC programmer was an opportunity difficult to pass up. Oliver was fortunate to work on some big projects which to this day he is very proud of. It also gave him the chance to prove he could thrive out of his comfort zone, away from home, family and friends.

The experience in Aberdeen helped with the transition moving to Estonia and working for a subcontract manufacturer. With the pressure of fulfilling a new role in a foreign country Oliver was still able to provide the company with key improvements that resulted in better efficiencies and reduce lead times.

With these experiences, a keen interest in engineering and working with an equally dedicated business partner. Oliver feelsthat Sotek Engineeringis a move that not only creates a successful business but allows them to be role models for young engineers.

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